Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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creating success around the world

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Hey creative people! My post today is going to be a bit special. There's no interview,  because I decided to introduce you to several European artists all in one go in a special summer feature.
Are you having a bit of a summer down with your creativity? Has the weather been too hot or too nasty for your ideas to bubble? 
Or are you savouring the holiday time, creating beautiful things from dusk 'till dawn? 
Whatever your situation, there can never be too much inspiration, right?
Here are five things that inspire me to create in summer - out of various reasons. And one handpicked etsy shop with each of them to illustrate my cause. ;o)

Cute, popping colors, sweet and cold, they come in all flavours... what more is there to say? Ice cream is certainly a big summer favourite for everyone and if you create with colors, it's a great theme to pick for your next item. You still have to choose though - rainbow, stracciatella, choccolate, strawberry & cream??

Here's a cute pair of popsickle earrings by Aidolls from Germany - because your ears like ice cream, too! 

We get a lot of rain up here in the mountains. That's sometimes depressing, but most of the time it's just impressing - much more when the rain follows a massive thunderstorm like last night. You can see the lightning dancing on the mountaintops whilst the wind howls around the house and every thunderstroke shakes the house. Sometimes, sounds are a great inspiration!

I can prove it by showing you this great shop of Lee May in the UK who makes different items inspired by nature - lots of great rain items to brighten your mood, but also starry nights, flowers and cute animals!

If it doesn't fall out of the sky, I love to watch water in other forms: I sit by the river behind our house and see the waves rush by, I jump into puddles, enjoy boatrides on the lake or head to the beach... the many many forms and facets of water are just like life: Absolutely breathtaking, changing and renewing every minute - and incredibly inspiring!

Look at this fantastic mosaic to see what I mean: It's fantastic how many qualities of water are caught in this artwork.

I love the sensation of walking barefeet, wherever I go. Grass and soft grounds are a favourite of course, but sand and stones and even pavement are an adventure without shoes. Sometimes I slip them off in a supermarket, just to let my toes breath for a moment and let the soles of my feet have a look around. A different kind of input for your senses. 

Dachuksb sells handcrocheted foot ornaments on etsy - I am just so in love with them. I love foot jewelry but I have never seen anything like this and it's like a whole new world of possibilities has just been opened to me. This is my favourite, but there are many many more! Do check her out! 

At the end of the day, if there is no thunderstorm, a campfire is the best way to enjoy the night around here. Not only because fires are just great, but also because it allows you to still sit outside when the temperatures are dropping. Staring into the fire, talking softly, listening to the sounds of the wood and looking up into the starry sky... and maybe a creative project on your lap is all that you need for total happiness. 
And if you still feel a bit chilly, wrap yourself in one of these breathtaking, recycled items straight from a fairytale forest, brought to you by Scrapunzelpixie from England. 

Thanks for reading my summer special! Look out for next week with another inspiring interview about creating, business and inspiration!

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Happy Wednesday! ;o)

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Jill said...

Wow Yaga! I love this post - what fabulous finds - especially those crocheted feet adornments!

Thanks for sharing these with us!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Janelle said...

Love those foot adornments too! And love the twist for this weeks feature.

Pam said...

Hi, It's the first day of Spring over here and glorious weather!!! Your newest follower via Creating Success Around the World.

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