Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Hey folks and happy Wednesday! (wow, sometimes I feel like my blog is the only thing that reminds me of the weekdays... isn't that cool? ^^)
Today's the day. The day where I feel better, and not only better: It's the other end of the scale. I've been running through the house cleaning everything and baking bread, singing and dancing along with my favourite songs. The sun is shining and life is great.

And no, I don't understand myself either. :o)

Soo, just wanted to let you know there's positive days in my life, too. (Hah!)
And I have a little fun video to show you that I put together last night. It's a few snippets of things that I filmed on our trip and that I put together randomly. From feeding a duckling and riding bikes in a Dutch park to an impormptu brass band concert and the Drag Queen Olympics: Lots of fun stuff! ;o)

I hope it will give you some impressions of what we've been up to and make you curious for the Travel Tales series I have coming up where I'll tell you more about each place we've been to and show you some additional stuff about the traveling.

Oh! The places you will go...! from yaga on Vimeo.

Have the brightest of Wednesdays!!


Elisa said...

Tali is sooo funny. The brass band concert looks like it was at the Breidscheidplatz next to the Europacenter in Berlin. :-)

I have been feeling much better today as well. And I have also accomplished a whole lotta things too! :-)

Glad you are your creative cheerful self and I am sooooo looking forward to your next travel entries. I bet you could use some pictures :-)

yaga said...

Hmm, I don't remember exactly where it was, but it was close to the Zoo, if that helps you. Tali only learned to drive a bicycle a few weeks before that trip and I really admired her for diving right into Amsterdam with her new skills. :o)

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