Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hey everybody, the internet-fairy is friendly today and although it's still too much for the poor connection to upload more than maybe a picture on facebook, I discovered I still have some posts up my sleeve here... I hope you'll have fun reading my Always.Sometimes.Never, and maybe coming up with your own list and tell me about it? ;o)

I saw this really fun post challenge on Dovetree the other day. You all know I love challenges - especially the bloggy kind, so I just had to copy it. It's from "barefoot love" originally, so go check hers out too, it's so adorable!

via Pinterest

skip over creaks in pavement or on tiled floor. Dunno about you but I think it's a pretty exciting game ^^
smell a new book before I start reading
eat the soft part of the bread first
cast an eye back when I leave the train/bus/tram. I'm chaotic but I can learn. ;o)
take off my shoes when I sit down somewhere.

forget those shoes, walking away barefeet. I have lost more than one pair that way oO
try to whistle on my fingers. No luck yet.
squeal and skip when I'm happy
trip over my own feet. awkward oO
don't answer the phone because I don't like talking on the phone.

ask for directions unless I absolutely have to
sleep without my teddy
order french salad sauce. yuck >.<
plan too far ahead. I'm changing my mind all the time anyways.



Zoƫ said...

I change my time sometimes.
My ex was really annoyed by it.
So I tried to not change it when there was any decision made.

Tried so hard... xD

Kathryn said...

I always eat veggies!
I sometimes play croquet.
I never pet skunks.

Fun post! Hope all is well with you. :)

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