Monday, August 8, 2011

***Monday Friend*** - Leah

Well, you know Leah because she just posted an interview with me on her blog last week.
Now she is here in turn. :o)
I wanted her as my Monday Friend for last week because she is Swiss and we've celebrated our national holiday on 1st of August, which is supposedly the date our confederation was founded in 1291. I thought it would be great to introduce you to a Swiss Monday Friend as a sort of tribute to the country.

by Leah

Well, it didn't work out exactly how I thought because our internet connection that week was so bad I could barely open blogger. Just posting a plain-text apology took me about an hour because the connection was so slow and broke off every few minutes.
But that's life and we won't let it get in the way too much and am just posting this a week later now.

Here is Leah's illustration:

(You might notice that it is not as colorful as others - since I was traveling I only had a limited color palette. It was big fun anyways! :o))

This is what Leah said on her list:

1. Photography: Probably my greatest passion. Wherever I go I take my camera with me. Especially when I'm traveling I enjoy having my silent companion with me. It's hard to explain what the fascination of photography is. For me it's the possibility to capture the beautiful and special things in everyday life.

2. Writing: I enjoy writing a lot, and I'm really glad that it is also a part of my job. In my free time I write a diary, random texts, my blog and sometimes something that resembles poems. Writing gives me an outlet for what I feel and think.

3. Animals: I love nearly all animals but most of all the furry ones. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, I don't have a pet at the moment. I had to leave the family-cat behind when I moved out of my parent's place. But I'm very glad, that she hasn't forgotten me and still enjoys cuddling with me every time I visit.

4. Taveling: I discovered the fascination of travelling at a very young age, when I moved abroad with my parents when I was ten. I couldn't wait to finally get 18 to be able to travel abroad by myself. I've already been to a few places and countries in the last five years, but there are still so many to see.

5. Friends and family: All the things mentioned above wouldn't be worth a thing if I couldn't share them with my wonderful parents, sister, a few good friends and of course my beloved.

Leah's blog is called "Splitter von Glück" - "Chips of happiness". I love her clear and clean pagedesign. It matches her style of writing and photographing perfectly. She writes in German, but even if you are English speaking, do visit her anyways. Since her posts are centered around her beautiful pictures, you will have more than enough to enjoy there!
For example a photographic list of what she has been up to all week:

by Leah

One of Leah's weekly projects is a photographic challenge that she sets for herself. Every week she randomly pulls two criterias for a picture from two jars and then tries to incorporate them in a photography during the next few days.
Last week, Leah's picture got the directions "glass" and "deep depth of field". This is what she came up with:

by Leah
I am absolutely in love with this picture! :o)
Do you wanna know where Leah is gonna spend her holidays this year, and maybe win one of her selfmade postcards from on the way? Head on over to "Splitter von Glück" to try your luck!

Much love

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Leah said...

I absolutely love the drawing. Thank you so much for it and also for the kind words.

Ruth said...

I love the illustration, and also the assemblage of objects! Beautiful!

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