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Creating Success around the World - week1!

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creating success around the world

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Australasia - Jill @ Creating my way to Success
Europe - Yaga @ The Shiny Bubble
The Americas - Suzy @ Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom
Asia - Janelle @ Of Pinks and Fairytales
Africa - Adepeju @ Peekadot


Linda Tieu lives in Tuscany. She has a beautiful art blog called torta gialla and another one about papercrafting; back to paper. She does freelance web design and sells her paintings and other beautiful stuff in her etsy shop. She also makes digital stamps, scrapbooking designs, greeting cards,  T-shirts, skins, fabric pattern designs and designs for other products.

Tell us a bit about your trade: What do you create, how and where do you sell your things,
how long have you been doing this?
I'm an artist and that means I create. I make art for licensing, graphics for digital scrapbooking, illustration for digital stamps, provide freelance design services, write a zine Pensieri and sew handmade leather journals. I realize that it's a lot of things for one person to be involved with, but that is truly me. All around, I have many passions and want to be able to pursue them. However, it's all under the philosophy of doing what I love - I like to say, "Artistry for blissful living." I had started in the design working professionally in the graphics and web design industry more than 10 years ago! But since that first job in university, I've expanded into independent art and design, selling on Etsy and various online shops, in addition to my freelance design business.

Please, tell us a little bit about the place and the country that you live in.
Do you think that your surroundings influence your creativity? How? 
I grew up in Los Angeles, California but moved to Tuscany, Italy a little over 2 years ago, quitting my full-time job and going freelance. I totally love living here! It really is a dream and I definitely think it influences my work. Honestly, the big move to Italy changed my philosophy on life and gave me the real push of courage to pursue my passions more fully. I think it's because people know how to enjoy their lives here. There is a culture of slow living and I think it has brought balance to my life. I have my work ethic and ambitions from America along with this new culture of passion and living from Italy.

How and why did you 'pick' your creative outlet of choice?
Since I worked in the digital design industry, it became my go-to medium. However, I've since branched out to everything else...really experimenting and breaking out of any kind of medium. I'm the creator of the work and the medium is just one way to realize my thoughts...so I don't feel the need to stick to one type of work or pick one outlet. I can do whatever I want to do!

 Why did you decide to sell what you are creating?
I actually first started selling my handmade leather journals on Etsy because I was making way too many for my own use. My online friends encouraged me to put it out there, so I tried it and actually sold. It was fantastic to provide a journal to someone across the world...to share a part of what I love in Italy and also give them a creative outlet - I'm a big fan of art journaling! So once I got on Etsy, I tried to sell my other work, including illustration, digital products and most recently starting a handmade zine, Pensieri. Each issue is about a different artsy crafty topic and it's a way for me to share what I'm learning about and exploring creatively. 

How did you start your business?
Since I already worked in the design industry, going freelance meant I still had my connections to continue. I still do freelance design work for clients, but branching out into other work at the same time. So it's a little bit of everything, something that I actually very much enjoy. I like pursuing my varied interests and not getting stuck doing just one thing forever.

What, in your opinion is your biggest strength in your creative life and how does it
influence your work?
I think that I'm a hard worker. I have no issues pulling up my sleeves and it's probably because I started at the bottom and made my way up. I worked at start-ups and dot coms where you pulled all nighters and slept under the desk to finish a project on time. I know what it is to work hard and this has built up a lot of strength within me to get through hard times. It's not always easy to do everything that I do, but it's not unapproachable! You just need to be persistent.

What would you regard as your greateest weakness in terms of your creativity and how do
you deal with it?
I think my weakness would be my many interests, even though I love it so much. I never feel like there's enough time to do what I want to do!

How do you stay motivated and inspired?
I make sure to take care of myself and take a lot of breaks. When you are not working, that is when you usually get your inspiration. So it's important to have downtime.

Where do you see yourself and your creative life in two years? Do you have any plans?
Most recently I have been getting into the art licensing industry. It's basically about licensing your artwork to be used on actual products. It's something I am working towards today, getting my art out there in front of more eyes. I definitely see myself in art licensing within two years.

What are your 5 hottest tips for people who want to be more successful with
- Do The Work, this is directly from Steven Pressfield's book... you have to do the work to succeed. There's no easy way.
- Be Patient, it takes time to build something up...so make sure you are in it for the long run.
- Get Help When You Need It, I think especially for DIY'ers, we feel like we have to do it all ourselves. Sometimes you just have to admit that you need help.
- Take Care, I truly believe that you must feel good to do good work...so it's important to take care of your health and also take time off.
- Be Flexible to Learn and Grow, I think it's supremely important to realize that we must change with the times, explore new avenues and always keep learning and growing. The world is always changing, so you have to go with it.


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Michelle said...


Following you from Creating My Way to Success!!

Love your featured artist!

Michelle :o)

Suzy Myers said...

Great interview, Yaga!


Janelle said...

This is a great interview! I was intrigued about the handmade leather journals Linda was making and visited her blog to check it out. They're beautiful and can't believe they are handmade!

Divina Joy said...

Nice interview Yaga! We have the same weakness. I also have many interests, it can disorient sometimes. lol

Anyway, you left a comment in my blog about Monday friend. I'm still interested. Thanks! What should I do?

Divina Joy said...

By the way, I followed everyone in success around the world.

linda said...

Thanks so much for a lovely feature...I really do appreciate it :)

Cindy said...

Great new idea, Yaga! And Linda sounds wonderful :) I'm excited your doing this! It's going to be so fun to see all these different people!

Michelle L. said...

Love the interview with Linda! I only wish I could follow her from LA to Tuscany! Lucky lady. thanks for a fun post with great question, Yaga!

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