Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Byebye Dreadhead, hello Pixie!

You've seen a little peek of my new hairstyle already and I wanted to share some pictures of the procedure. It was, well... not exactly quick. I was so glad to have my friend Tali to help me because I would never have thought that taking the extensions out would be so complicated. But I don't want to bore you with too much talk, let's have pictures!

Dreads, getting boring and itchy and looking funny because they grow out.

Tali starts the cutting

All dreads - except the aqua ones - cut just under the braided part

off they go
 Taking the dreads out was tedious and made our fingers hurt. Even though the extensions were just braided in and sealed with an easy to break glue at the end, they had felted in with my hair and were hard to untangle.

halfway there!

Felix plays 'bee' to entertain us :o)
 We watched a really, really nice movie and then, after about five hours, it was done!

late at night ;o)

The next day I spent an hour or so combing out the felted roots and then Tali started to cut.


jap, looks fine!
I was very happy to get the bleach and then dye on... excited to have a different haircolor again! :o)

bleach monster!
 Another movie and a lot of playing with the leftover dreads:

Charles Beaw with his afro head - yo!

dashing ^^

from dog to horse

hard core metal freak oO
 And then we were finally done:

I admit, this is the worst dyejob I've ever done, even my very first attempt was better! I missed some patches while bleaching and I didn't check the tips properly, so they're still orange. Since the lavender dye is very very light it didn't bleach over any parts that weren't properly whitened. So I'm now sporting a streaked, wild pixie look and pretending it was all meant to be that way! :o)

Happy happy! I just love changes in my hair and I'm already planning for the next dye. Maybe pink tips? Or rainbow strands? What do you think?


Cindy said...

Hahah I love your dog being "turned into a horse". Lol! :)

And it still looks good for being streaky! It was definitely on purpose, Yaga. ;D lol

Halina said...

It's wonderful! The pixie suits you well :) Love the creativeness with the residual dreads ;)

Lisa said...

lovee it!! your hair looks cute either way!

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