Monday, July 4, 2011

***Monday Friend*** - Cindy

Today's Friend is Cindy from Tea House Moon. Cindy is a biology student and she writes about the crazyness of her studies, funny things she does with her friends and great stuff she finds on the web.

Cindy and I met through my first Monday Friend: Sarah. We have visited each other's blogs ever since... and now the circle closes and Cindy is a Monday Friend, too. :o) I loved making her picture. She just recently blogged about swings and playgrounds, so I thought it would be funny to give her a swing to sit on.

This is Cindy's list:

1. Faith and family - both have always been very strong and intertwined with each other. My parents had amazing faith while they struggled to immigrate and started brand new lives in the U.S. None of it would of been possible without their strong faith in God. And plainly through their example and my own experience, I have felt the passion of deep faith and l hold it dear. 

2. Living life to serve others/the human connection - the need and the want to be beneficial to others really drives my life and academics. I hope to go into medicine one day because in the end, I believe we're all connected in our way and fundamentally we all need to stay whole for as long as possible. 

3. Learning - I've always felt that learning and acquiring knowledge (whether it's from a textbook or from life lessons) makes me desire to keep exploring the world and to enjoy what I have here and now and be prepared for what is to come. People think that learning stops after schooling, but in the end it really never does because you learn all of your life.

4. Running - I'm not a good runner....don't even ask me for my mile time haha but I really do love it because the sport itself and the people I've met through it have helped me in extraordinary ways. It's a love/hate/I'm motivated/I'm lazy relationship and just the fact that I still try makes me love it even more because I could of gave up a long time ago.

5. Laughing with people - I find laughter is the best medicine. Cliche? Yes. True? Even more so. This could be with family, friends, and people I've just met. I think to have a sense of humor and to enjoy what you can makes a world of difference to someone else and to you. Life would lusterless without being able to laugh. 

Tea House Moon has just recently dressed up in a new design that I absolutely adore. And even though she forgot about it, Cindy had her first blog-anniversary in June.
She has such a fun way of writing and I can really imagine sitting together with her and a cup of tea and hearing her tell her stories, making me giggle.

Cindy has recently started a new blog feature. It's called "Expand your vocabulary". Every week she picks a word that is not so known and challenges herself and her readers to learn it by using it in daily life and making up little stories around it to help memorizing it. I'm such a fan of this and I'm really looking forward to next week's word already. (By the way: This week's word is convivial - and you can find out what it means over at Tea House Moon ;o) )

Thanks to Cindy for answering my question and being such a supportive commenter all the time!

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Cindy said...

Awe this is awesome, Yaga! I love that illustration so much! <3 Thank you again! And...I comment a lot. Lol. I like talking to people. :)

And I just realized how dry and humorless I sound in my list of five things...LOL especially when I talked about humor!! Hahaha I did write that bit late in the wee hours xD

I'm not high-strung, I swear! lol :P

Leah said...

The illustration is great. Can't wait to get one of my own :-)

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