Sunday, June 5, 2011

The weekend in pictures

Here are some snapshots from my weekend. I clicked away on Saturday at pretty much every opportunity, until Trev made a comment about if I couldn't just "let it be, and take it in with your eyes for a change"... I didn't really dare to take out the camera on Sunday much anymore! ;o)

But believe me, on this weekend, the world was as beautiful as on Pinterest! Blue skies, spectacular clouds, sleepy ducks and cats, happy dogs and people dipping in the lake, dreaming away in the shade and enjoying the perfect summer breeze on our bicycles... oh, and of course a flee market, and lots of healthy yummy fruits and vegetables! *love*


I hope you had a very fabulous weekend!
<3 yaga


ms. freelancer said...

wow! we also have weekend markets in our place. we call them "tiangge." these markets sell up to midnight. =)


Lovely pics and your kitten is sooo cute :D

abbyyy said...

nice pics n nice blog

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