Monday, June 6, 2011

***Monday Friend*** - Sara

Hooray, it's Monday! I hope you have a great start into your week and I wanna help you by making you smile with another great online friend to present.

I know there was Sarah last week, and now I give you another Sara, but she writes her name without 'h', so it's easy not to get confused! ;o)
Pretty soon after last week's ***Monday Friend*** post, Sara from The House of Shoes contacted me to ask if she could be a Monday Friend, too.
Imagine how excited I was: Somebody specifically asked to be on my blog! And what a great opportunity to dig into a new site (and call it 'work' ^^), getting to know Sara and her fabulous smile.

klick for bigger picture

Sara gave me a list of four things to include in the illustration:

1. Husband/Family/Friends: I agree with Sarah from the last Monday Friend post- the people in my life are always number 1 :) I wouldn't be who I am today without their positive influences.

2. My Faith: I also wouldn't be who or where I am today without my faith/religion. It is my saving anchor in good times and bad, and the foundation of every decision I make.

3. Photography: It is my favorite hobby, hands down! I'm just starting out but I thrive on taking pictures and expressing how I see the world in my own whimsy way.

4. Fashion: I heard once that fashion is art that you get to wear, and I completely agree! Fashion allows me to show my personality and I find so much joy in challenging myself to see what new combinations I can come up with! There are so many luscious fabrics and designs to choose from.
The house of Shoes is a personal fashion blog. Sara posts lots of outfit pictures. You can see that she has a lot of fun showing off her creations, playing with the camera and with picture styles. What I love maybe the most about these shots is that in 80 per cent of the pictures, Sara has a big wide smile on her face. In my opinion, this makes her stand out from the momentary trend in fashion photography that seems to think that pictures can only be classified as professional if the model has any look but a smile on.
I love Sara's playful picnic collages. Doesn't this picture make you feel like you're looking into Wonderland?
Sara is newly married and this is just a sneak peek of the great pictures she has on her blog of her fabulous vintage-themed wedding. You should definitely go and check them out! I daresay that her handsome husband is a very patient man and a talented photographer, judging by the tons of outfit shots that he takes of Sara.

I am more excited than ever about ***Monday Friend***! It was such a wonderful feeling to meet a new blogfriend through this feature. So if you think you might like being a Monday Friend, don't be shy! I am overly happy to receive your emails at shinybubble (at)

I have two grrreeat friends linded up and waiting for you already, so stay tuned for next week.

In the meantime, if you want some more fashion inspiration: Why don't you klick on that 'like' button in the sidebar and join the shiny bubble on facebook? I've started sharing outfit-peeks on my page that will not be posted on the blog. Just a little happy snap for you to look at. 


Anonymous said...

Great post. Love your monday friends.

Sara Shoemaker said...

Oh this turned out wonderful, thank you so much! your illustration is so completely adorable. thanks again so much for featuring me!! And on a side note, I actually take most of my pictures with a timer on my camera But my husband does take some :) Thanks again Yaga!!

House of Shoes

Cindy said...

Ah I love these little segments. :) I would ask to be a part of your Monday Friends, but I'm not crafty or write very well hahah xD

Divina Joy said...

Lovely! I'd love to be featured also...

yaga said...

thank you, I'm happy you guys like the series, too! Cindy and Divina, I'll get back to you...! ;o)

yaga said...

Oh and Sara, wow, I admire your skills with the camera! Note to self: you don't have any talent for playing sherlock holmes! ;o))

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