Saturday, June 4, 2011

Giveaway winners

It's finally time to look at the winners of the last giveaway! How exciting...

The 10th person to click 'follow' on the blogger feature was faila85.
The 30iest person to like my facebook page was Linda from torta gialla. I'm so happy and honoured by this because let me tell you, Linda is one of these artists I really admire and always wish I could be like them! 

And as for the comments: Here's the number that gave me:

And the third comment was from Sabrina!

Congratulations you three, I will email you to ask for your addresses to send the pictures. I'll randomly select whom to send which illustration and it will be a little surprise for you which one you'll get. ;o)

Thanks so much to everybody who participated! I really loved the experience of taking the connection with people who read and comment here to another, slightly more personal level. Because even though I really love reaching more and more people with this blog (and work hard for it), it's really not all about numbers to me. Well, if it was, I would be quite a nasty person and you wouldn't be here and read my blahs, would you? ;o)

So, since this was so much fun, I think there might be more of these giveaways, so don't be sad if you didn't win anything this time!

Whishing you all a wonderful Sunday!


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