Wednesday, June 1, 2011

project 365 and catching up

Hello lovely people!
I can't believe I didn't post yesterday. I got into the daily habit of blogging so much in the past few weeks that it felt very strange to actually just totally forget about it. But maybe that was ok, because I really liked to give ***Monday Friend*** some room. Thanks for all your nice comments, I'm thrilled that you like it so much!

Well, it was a busy day yesterday. I was getting everything packed up and ready for the move. We're moving out to the countryside for a bit. Diesbach is a lovely little village in the canton of Glarus. We made some awesome friends there last year during our yurt course and now they invited us to come and stay with them for a while.

We're moving our stuff up there tomorrow and from next week on it will be quiet countryside living! ;o)

I'm not sure if I'm sad or excited - I guess it's both. When I'm about to leave here, I always start seeing all the great things in Zurich. It is a sweet and wonderful little town. But I'm also excited to see another part of Switzerland, to live out in the country again, with nature close by and together with so many inspiring people. I will tell you all about the new place next week, as soon as we're settled in.

We were actually planning to move today, but then Trev realised he had to go and sort out some paper stuff at uni, so we postponed it to tomorrow. And since everything is packed up we can't work or create, so today is literally the quiet before the storm. I'm browsing the web all day, discovering wonderful blogs and connecting with many inspiring projects. We had take away for lunch. Trev is reading a book. It's chilly and rainy outside.
It very much feels like stolen time. :o)

So, in terms of 365, I did give a number of things away again this week:
- my old wallet - because I got a new one for my birthday
- an old dress, a pair of socks and two pairs of legwarmers
- Trev said bye bye to an old pair of army boots that are still wearable in a practical sense, but otherwise are really used to pieces

My weekend was a bit stressful, because I had to fit in two big events. One was our traditional triple birthday party (my mum and my godmother both celebrate within days of me). We went to a really fancy restaurant and enjoyed long talks, joking and seeing each other again after a long while.

I even allowed myself dessert, thus straying from my 30days-no-sugar regime (hey, look at the ticker at the bottom of the page: I'm 2/3 in!). I dearly regret this little indulging, because ever since I've had the eat-cravings (it's not even only cravings for sweets, I just feel like I wanna eat all the f* time!) really badly. I had expected (and feared!) cravings when I started going off sugar, but nothing major has happened so far, fruits have really easily kept me happy. Well, now I know. I feel like a junkie, and in a way, that is true.

In other news, I am, since Sunday, officially allowed to call myself nature teacher. It was our last course weekend and I got my diploma and a really nice feedback for my paper. I had to get up really early though to join them in time. I drove out to the village about half an hour and then had to hike up a mountain for one hour. It was pretty scary because I didn't have a map and had to go from memory from the first two times we'd been there. I do not have good memory. oO Well, I found it all the same and was overly happy to have completed this course. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. It gave me so much joy and spark and I'm really proud of myself to have pulled it through so neatly, even though nothing of it's compulsory and you can always go again and catch up - I am normally lured only too easily by such procrastination offers. But I knew I would never finish if I didn't do it all on the spot as long as it was hot.

I think that's all the news so far from me.
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Sarina said...

This is really cool :) sounds like an amazing time that you have! and congratulation for your diploma :)


Good Luck on your new place :)

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