Saturday, May 14, 2011

small steps

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I promised some updates yesterday but didn't get around to writing about them in the end because I somehow dozed off in front of my computer...
Today is a rainy day, so our motorbike trip got cancelled (which kills me, btw, because I really *need* to practise and I'm just always either too lazy or too unlucky with the weather...*blegh*) and I think I'll spend the rest of the day reading blogs and browsing Pinterest.

And I'll try to enjoy it. Man, another thing I realised recently is that a lot of my bad feelings come from a little voice inside my head that tells me I should be ashamed to laze around while other people are working hard (especially the person I share my life with). But heck, it's not like taking time off is for free. I made that choice because at the moment, it is more important to me to have time to do things that I like (and yes, that includes non-exciting things like browsing the web, dreaming, sewing and doodling) than earning a lot of money.

(At this point I had to stop typing and have a little laugh. I mean, sometimes it just strikes me as utterly riddiculous what kind of things are giving me a hard time.... ^^)

Well, updates:
I went and got myself a cheap sports teethguard yesterday because I read that it possibly helps to keep your teeth apart whilst sleeping. I tried it last night and it works like a charm. It loosens my lips by pushing them slightly away from my teeth. It also keeps the jaws just a little bit apart and puts them in a position where it is easier to leave them open than to bite them shut. Downsides: The thing tastes revolting (but I'm used to that from years and years of braces when I was a teenager), it makes me drool (yuck!) and I look like a roller derby girl when I open my mouth (although that might not be so bad... hmm...).

And I've decided to try and change my diet a bit. I've read a lot about how refined sugar in your diet can affect your emotional constitution. Apparently it's linked not only with things like food cravings, hyper activity and bad skin, but can also cause moodswings, feelings of stress and pressure, emotional hypersensitivity and PMS. - All things that I have been struggling with.
So I'm gonna cut out on refined sugar completely for 30 days. That's not too long (I know it's gonna be hard), but long enough to see any effects and build some habits. If I feel like it helps I will keep it like this and see if I can do with the occasional piece of choccolate here and there.

Going without sugar seems to be an extremely popular diet choice atm, I know at leas five people personally who do it - out of very different reasons - and there are tons of websites with infos and most importantly, recipes. I might try baking some non-sugar cookies for tomorrow.

I'm also cutting back on dairy again. I can't remember if I've written about this, but at the beginning of the year I've done 30 days of vegan food. It definitely had an effect on my digestive system and I realised how heavy and hard to process milk products are. I couldn't live completely without it, I just dig cheese way too much, but I wanna try if I can get to the same agreement there like we have with meat: Generally vegetarian, but not strictly.
I just feel like I need to give my body a little break. I hope it will also help to make things a bit lighter spiritually.

I set myself a general goal of 30 mts of meditation a day, and realised in the past few days that I am really out of habit with it. So I'm back to all the basics that I started out with years ago. I'm trying to split it to two times 15mts so I can really concentrate on one exercise and than maybe later add a second one for the second round.


Elisa said...

Ich ess seit Anfang April keinen Zucker mehr im Tee/Kaffee und nurnoch sehr selten Süßkram. Kuchen oder Eis gibt es nurnoch am Wochenende, zu Ostern hatte ich insgesammt nur 12 Schokoeier (letztes Jahr die Tagesration) und als Ron mir neulich n Stück Volmilch- Schokohasenohr gegeben hat fand ich das widerlich süß. Bitterschokolade ist auf einmal erträglich. Am Anfang die ersten 2 Wochen waren superhart, aber danach ging es. Manche bitteren Teesorten sind jetzt natürlich passé. Ich mache es, weil ich gelernt hab, daß die Insulinausschüttung bei Zuckerkonsum den Körper vom fettverbrennen abhält. Also Insulinausschüttung minimieren. Sozusagen Glyx- Diät light. Und das tolle: Bitterschokolade hat einen niedrigen Glyx-Wert. Und Nusmus ist erlaubt theoretisch.

Wegen der Milchprodukte: versuch mal von H-Milch oder ESL- Milch weg hin zu Frisch-Vollmilch zu kommen. Hier gibt es einige Bio-Molkereien, die eine 3,8% Fett Vollmilch herstellen, die nur 8 Tage haltbar ist und ausrahmen kann. Das Zeug schmeckt bombastisch und man fühlt sich schwereloser wenn man die getrunken hat.

yaga said...

Yeah, it seems like sugar does all sorts of nasty things with us... I'm quite jealous of your ability to have just a little bit of it. I've tried that before and could never do it. One bite leads to the next...
about milk: If we do, we have fresh milk from the organic store, but we don't drink milk enough to use it up before it goes bad... it's really the cheese love that makes refraining from dairy hard for me. But as I said, think I can do with moderate use there.

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