Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I have been trying to snap outfit pictures for WWW today, but no chance: It's just too dark to get anything good atm. So I'm afraid you'll have to wait until tomorrow.
Until then, I am joining in with Naomi at Seven Cherubs. Shes having a happiness month in June, concentrating on finding out what makes her happy, and she started off with a really cool little exercise. Write a list of what makes you unhappy. Then try to think about what makes you happy.
I love the cute little notepad from shabbyblogs that she used. And I love lists - it's no secret. So I immediately knew I had to create my own.

It's funny to see that once I want to write stuff down, I often can't seem to think of anything that's important enough to make it to the list. Or I struggle with putting my feelings or experiences into words. I think I'll try to be a bit more mindful about what really makes me happy or unhappy.

How about you? What would make it on your list?


Naomi said...

Love it! thanks so much for joining in and I love your list. I so love a little sunshine in my day as well and I hope that making this list helped you to feel a little. Naomi x

Felicity said...

There were many 'Snaps!' from me as I read both of your lists.
I hope that you are able to enjoy many of the things on your second list today.

xx Felicity

ms. freelancer said...

hmm, i'll try mine too....


Ill make one too :)

Elisa said...

I will make one too, but since you asked here we go:

Unhappy list:

- pollution
- wars
- famines
- humans treating animals bad or hunting them till the whole species dies
- sad children
- selfish people
- being broke
- when my friends are ill or unhappy

happy list:
- sunshine and blue skies
- my dog Yuki
- my cat Miyu
- singing
- good food
- smelling the flowers
- selfmade groceries
- magazines about my hobbies and interessts
- postcards
- recieving letters/postcards/parcels
- being able to understand foreign languages
- being on stage singing
- visiting friends
- seeing hubbys wedding ring on his ringfinger
- handicrafts
- baking
- being in Berlin or Rugia
- reading Yagas blog :-)
- and some more

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