Monday, June 27, 2011

***Monday Friend*** - Rachael °2

Hello hello on this Monday! I'm so excited to share a new friend with you this week. She is an artist I really admire and I can't believe she agreed to be on my blog.
It seems that adorable bloggers all go by the same names... today's Monday Friend is our second Rachael. But both her and her blog are so unique you don't have to be scared to mix her up.

Rachael Caringella writes talk2thetrees - a blog about creating, adventures, wise words and other interesting things in her life.
Rachael sent me the sweetest list and since I've been reading her blog for ages it wasn't difficult for me to come up with a picture of her and her most important things:

This is Rach's list:

1. Nature, I love to be outside playing barefoot in the forests. Climbing trees, climbing mountains and walking in the grass are delightful. I love trees. (As you can tell by my name!) I used to talk to trees when I was little.. I probably still do. It's healthy for you AND the tree. I love to go out playing with my little puppy Wicket. He is a silly guy who loves to run around outside! Mother Earth is beautiful and I try to never forget that.

2.  I love to create. I always have ideas in my head and tons and tons of projects going on. Painting is my favorite form of creating, next would be knitting/crochet. My favorite subjects to paint are trees and people. I love to paint people with big wide wondering eyes and little pixie hats. (I also make and sell matching pixie hats!)
Creating is a great outlet for me.. it keeps me crazy. Everyone needs a little crazy in their life.

3. I love taking photos. Sometimes after an outing or adventure my boyfriend asks if I had fun... My answer is always, "You saw me taking pictures right?" That normally means I had fun. I bring my big camera everywhere and I am constantly snapping photos. I think it's important to take photos and "document" your life.

4. I LOVE adventure
. I love to explore and travel. I love new and exciting things. I often go on adventures with friends. I'm always the one to go in the abandoned house first. We travel to ghost towns, forests and caves. I plan on traveling the world once I can afford it a bit more. Exploring is a very important thing to me. I get bored very easily, especially when I stay in one place. Life should be an adventure. People should be adventurous.

5. Positivity is a huge thing for me
. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I used to take pills for it, but they didn't seem to help. For a while I was in a very low place. I was with a person who was very abusive and negative and I had to break free. I did my very best to not express any negativity on my blog. I tried to get through it by finding happiness and beauty. Then I got hit again when my darling Mowgli passed away. This hit me harder than the divorce did. Mowgli was my everything.. and I was devastated. But I had to pick myself up and find beauty and happiness again. I try to never complain on my blog. I only try to post positive things... because I'm sure there is someone out there who is going through similar things I went through. They need to be lifted up, not dragged down.

I really think this list speaks all for itself and I don't want to talk it dead with tedious descriptions of things that will be much more delightful for you to discover on her blog. I'll give you a secret tip though: She sells all her wonderful artwork: Paintings, hats and jewelry on etsy and I would totally recommend you to have a look at it, it's amazing!

What I love about Rach's blog is that it shows a lot of both; her personal and her artistic life. In fact, it is hard to take any aspect of her personality of blog or the list that she made and look at it as something isolated. It seems like it is all linked and woven into each other - just like nature. I guess that's what makes her blog so authentic.

Thanks a million Rachael, for being my Monday Friend, it was very special to me!

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Cindy said...

Ah she sounds wonderful. :) I love people who appreciate nature.

Rachael Caringella said...

Ahhh! You are the sweetest ever! Thank you thank you for such nice words. :) xoxo

Leeya Engel said...

I just read your post about Rachel and I would love to be a Monday friend. Here is a link to my blog:

<3 Leeya

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