Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh girl... another makeover?

Well, they are cheaper than plastic surgery ^^ *lol*
Just cost a loot of time.

No seriously, I just needed a new color scheme for the blog, the old one was so heavy. And then you start googling and looking at pretty blogs and one thing leads to the next... Well, I'm not quite finished yet, and yes, the pages will come back.

I hope you aren't too confused. :o)

Stay tuned for Monday Friend later, don't miss that girl!

Until then...


Jay said...

I love giving my blog a makeover if only to trick my followers into thinking it's a different blog.

For some reason it doesn't seem to work. Or they're all in denial. I'll go with denial -- I can't be the only one getting confused due to blog makeovers :( haha

Have a wonderful day Yaga!

Cindy said...

I like the update! I'm trying to revamp my blog too and I's TIME-CONSUMING. Ahhhhhh xD

I also don't know how to get fancy links and stuff via HTML so I'm slowly drowning in technology and coding. LOL.

yaga said...

I'm not so good with html either, I'm mostly stealing the code-snippets that I need off the internet. there's so many useful tutorials out there!
I'm happy with it now, the only sad thing is that it seems to be very out of place on phones... but I really don't know how to fix that :o(

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