Thursday, June 2, 2011

Watcha wearin' Thursday?

Sooo, here's a little snap of me with the car as we were about to leave for Glarus today. Wearing my smurf shirt and huge pigtails. They're fun! ;o) And they make sure I don't have to bend my head forwards awkwardly whilst trying to fit in the car seat.

My creative space is... packed up in a box and will therefore be delayed until next week. We were pretty efficient packing all our things together. It was definitely better than last time (five cardboard boxes and some backpacks), but we're still thinking we can improve until next time.
We're staying at my parent's place for the weekend because Trev still has paper stuff to do at uni, so we're still around Z├╝rich these days, but at least all our stuff is waiting for us at the new place now.

Thanks for all your kind comments, I'm very happy that all you guys are making lists too and I'll definitely stop by to check them out!
Take care everyone, see you tomorrow, I'm off to an urgent date with my pillow! ;o)


Wendy said...

I want a Smurf shirt! Beyond awesome...


yaga said...

It's actually easy... I made it myself! ;o)

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