Friday, June 17, 2011

Grateful for: Nature

Some of these days, I really feel on top of things. Everything seems to be going along nicely, I make progress, I do work, all is fine. Other days, I feel a bit discouraged and confused about if what I do is really OK. But I know that's just a phase and it doesn't bother me too much.
Then there are days like today, where things just seem to take their own turn and I can but chase after them. Working on the computer, doing lots of neccessary but not really hands-on things whilst the sun is shining outside and everybody's busying themselves in the garden and around the house makes me feel like such a bum. But if I go outside and do active stuff that then is not so important for my immediate plans I feel bad because I'm not working.


In addition, today seems to be one of the days where the internet is full of a myriad of inspiring pages and great people and opportunities, way too much to process it all or go after them and making me feel like a time waster sitting here and not just going out and making stuff happening.


The only thing to do in such situations is to reboot. There's no way I'll get on top of things by running around all day, so I might as well just take some time and root myself.
The things that keep me grounded are trees, rivers, walking barefoot and telling someone who understands.

Oh, and good, fresh, healthy food seems to help, too.

Luckily, all we have to do to stand in the middle of a field now is go behind the house. The river is just a few more steps away and a lovely bench under a tree can be found at almost every corner.

So after half an hour of outdoors-lunchbreak, I felt much better about myself and now I am still busy doing a lot of things, but with much more purpose and security.

Gratefulness, as always, thanks to Maxabella:

There's so many more greatful people out there:


Seana Smith said...

Rebooting is a good way to put it. Sometimes I need to just STOP... leave a gap, and start again. How lovely to have a field behind the house too. And summer! It's sunny today in Sydney but chilly too.

trudi@maudeandme said...

Great way to look at it. I need to do some rebooting!

Cindy said...

You'll be fine, Yaga. You just need some time to really soak in what the world has given you. :)

Jay said...

That's a wonderful way to 'reboot.' Never feel bad or guilty for having to take a moment to gather yourself. I hope your busy days slow down & you're able to have longer than lunch hour to 'reboot'! :) Have a fantastic weekend!

Alice Becomes said...

Walking barefoot is amazing. I was given a grounding exercise once (I was doing Tai Chi to help me through my uni exams). I was told to stand barefoot and rock gently, shifting my weight to different parts of my feet, the toes, the sides, the ball of my feet then round again, focusing my thoughts on each part of the foot as it held the weight of my body. Had forgotten all about this exercise until I read your post. Might have to give it a shot again. Enjoy rebooting! Gill xo

Maxabella said...

I think we forget how important a 'reboot' in nature actually is! I'm lucky to live surrounded by the stuff, but it wasn't always so. When I lived in the inner-city I had so many more psycho-tendencies!! x

Lee@mummyissuespart2 said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog! If it wasn't so damn cold here right now I'd go outside and take my shoes off! I totally get that!

Emily said...

That's such a good way to 'reboot' - I love that photo of the heart-shaped sunglasses on the bench, too!

Anonymous said...

I need nature to reboot, too. I spend a day with the kids driving me crazy, then we go out and in half an hour it's all god again. So glad it finally stopped raining!

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