Saturday, June 18, 2011

reStyle: Mediaeval dress

This dress was one of those that not even I, after a lot of training in parting from things, could have given away.


It's linnen, the comfiest thing to wear in summer, beautifully embroidered and easily adjustable to body shape with the bands on the sides.
I bought it for quite a lot of money on a mediaeval fair. The design is very basic and I've worn it to a variety of occasions over the years. Since I stopped swordsfighting I'm not into the mediaeval scene so much anymore and the dress slumbered in my closet. Although I often looked at it and wished I could wear it, it was just not adapted for daily use.
The bat sleeves were getting in the way of everything and whilst the length was absolutely appropriate for a mediaeval woman, it was admittably not exactly flattering if you looked at it from a 21st century point of view.

Taking the scissors to this piece was one of the boldest things I have done in a while, but definitely worth it!


I shortened it about 30cm (ooh, the things I'm gonna make with that fabric!) and ruffled the sleeves by simply sewing an elastic band into them.
The sleeves look really cute and stay where they are and the shorter skirt makes it easier to combine and layer the dress. I wore it all day today and I absolutely loved it.

Baking bread and doing laundry feels so much more glamorous and pioneer-ish when I wear this dress! ;o)

(You might notice that the hem is not quite finished, but I intend to fix that as soon as I have the sewing machine back!)

Wanna see more reStyled projects? Check out the flickr group, it's so inspiring!!


David said...

Wie hübsch du bist :)

Cindy said...

You look great, Yaga! and what a fun revamping project! It looks great and very pioneer appropriate. Lol!

the cape on the corner said...

i love this newer look, but i think it looks medieval this way, too. a bit more hippie medieval.

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