Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hello there, world!
My blogging rhythms picture the to and fros of my life quite well atm... sometimes there's several posts a day and I always have some drafts in stock in case I don't have time to write, and sometimes - *puff*: One whole week without a post.

I just feel very, very exhausted and tired and worn out by everything and nothing. I wouldn't have had anything any other way, but now it is time for a break.
I've been giving too much for too long and now it is high, high time for me to put on my sealskin and dive into the depths of soulland.

Sometimes it makes me laugh how I always tap into the same springe again: As soon as a crisis is over I hold my head high, feeling like this was the last lesson I'd had to learn and promising myself to be on the lookout to recognise the next one from afar. And then it comes sneaking up on me from a completely different angle and one day I open my eyes and I am sitting nose-deep in the sticky yuck of some other soul-disaster.

Well, even though such a crisis is a horrible thing... the more you've been through the better you know: It will pass.
I've just been balancing on a tightrope only to realise halfway through that my lucky charm has expired. Now I've fallen and the only way out into the light is to sit in the darkness and lick my wounds for a bit.

Getting back to you with the regulars, less cryptic words and hopefully some pictures soon. 


Squiggly Rainbow said...

Hope all is okay - it's been a crazy week for me too. Can you email me your current postal address? I have a surprise for you! xo Love Rach

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