Wednesday, April 27, 2011

365 things - week 19

Houston, we have a problem.
I think, I am done.
I've reached 365 things.

The reason I finished my project 33 weeks too early is, of course, life. :o)
As you guys might know we are moving to a new place this weekend. It's the flat of two friends of ours who are going away for five weeks. They leave on Friday. My little flat here will be taken over by another friend on 1st of May.
So, naturally, we're packing. And of course we took this as an opportunity to do another major sort-out - especially in the attic.

Last time we moved we just chucked everything up there without looking at it too much. The compartment was full to the brim with stuff we have double from combining both our households, stuff that hasn't been used in years and stuff that we got once and always kept, thinking it 'might be useful someday'.

I'll get the car from my parents tomorrow and we'll load up all the things we packed and readied today and drive them down to the Brockenhaus. That's about 2/3 of all the things we had upstairs, and some more from down here.
Left after that will be furniture, kitchenware and such - things that will stay here-, random small stuff that will be disposed of and lastly the things that we want to keep.
We are both trying to keep this load as small as possible. We're not opting for 'live out of your backpack' or 'own only 100 things' (-not atm! ;o) ), but we know that we will move again in June and probably a few more times during the rest of the year, and we are intending to keep these moves as simple and light as possible.

I must admit, I have neither photographed nor counted all the things that I've decided to get rid of - but believe me, it is way enough to get up to 365.

Now I'm not really sure how to proceed here. Should I continue posting things from my list (there are still some left), even though they will be gone by the time you see them? Or should I just call it a success and end this post series here?
I have to think about it, and I would love to hear your opinion!


Angie - SewIThought said...

wow finishing 33 weeks early! Im impressed, good work!!

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