Thursday, May 12, 2011

365 things - continued!

Hey there and welcome to the last minutes of this Wednesday! ;o)
You may have read the tragic tale of the end of project 365 - if not, go and read, then come back!

Good, there you are again.
So I've been thinking about if and how to continue the whole thing. And since I've realised in the past two weeks that I'm still giving quite a lot of things away - it seems I've made it a pretty strong habit by now - I thought I'd just go on with it as it goes.

So I'll keep posting about things I gave away every Wednesday. But it might be one thing or ten, just however many it happened to be that week.

So this week I gave away this scarf:

At a cloth swapping party - which was awesome! I took more stuff home than I brought though, which was kind of not what I intended. But I'm gonna make up for it by giving away the bag of clothes that I wanted to swap but didn't go in the end. That will be kept for next week though.

Oh, and some people asked what kind of things I gave away in that big cleanout that ended the initial project. As said I didn't take pictures, but I'll try and give you a rough list:

From our place:

- two 40x40x70 boxes of kindergarden stuff (puzzles, toys, learning material, books...)
- another box with university material (notes, scripts, theory books...)
- lots of empty folders
- old costumes, hats, memorabilia
- CD's and minidiscs
- kitchen stuff
- shoes and clothes
- bedsheets and towels

From my parent's attic:

- a collection of recorders I never play
- stuffed toys a go go (7x 60l bags)
- likely all notes, books, crafts, drawings ... etc. from 6 years of primary school and 6 years of highschool (!)
- old toys (lego, barbie, cars, dolls...)
- scouts stuff
- old sports equipment (football, swordsfighting, swimming...)
- about 10 kg worth of collected shells and stones
- 2 pet cages
- all sorts of collectables

That's all I can remember. It's actually more than I would have thought I could. I'm so glad it's all gone! Now I'm ready to start working towards our move-with-5-boxes goal.


Squiggly Rainbow said...

Awesome - you are amazing! Can you message me on facebook your current address please. xo Rach

yaga said...

done! ;o)

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