Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project ReStyle: A hefty shirt!

Remember that old sheet I made a skirt from? Well, I still had some big enough leftovers to try something else. I decided to sew a T-shirt. Most of my sewing experience comes from altering existing items and I had made the resolution to try and make different clothes from scratch this year. I figured a shirt wouldn't be that hard, so I jumped right into it.

I took the pattern from my favourite shirt, just roughly tracing around it. I still don't know how I managed to get the arms right because speaking with a seamstress friend afterwards she said it couldn't really have worked that well. Well, it did, the shirt is quite a satisfying shirt. Like with the panties I made, the edges are still very rough and unprofessional.

I dyed it blue to get a nicer color and it instantly made me think of the smurfs. So I decided to get a nice smurf picture printed out and make an attempt at stenciling.

It worked nicely except for my own stupidity which made me paint a part that does not belong to his body and forgetting to leave the space for the heart on his arm.

Well, you know I'm not a perfectionist, so I still wear it quite proudly. ;o)


Minoaka Bebe said...

Hi new follower here! Found you on Creating my way to Success. I'm trying to learn to sew myself and I think you did a fabulous job, very creative! Love the smurfs.

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