Monday, April 4, 2011

What a weekend

Ouf, what a weekend!
I'm still feeling a bit dizzy from everything that happened since Thursday. You know about my Friday afternoon now, shopping pillows and driving them around for fun! ^^

I spent the morning of that day preparing seedbombs for my guerilla gardening mission that was set up for the evening.

seedbomb bags

all the bags filled, instructions added: ready for war!

It was a nice little mission, smooth and easygoing enough to soothe my spirits a bit and distract me from the work to come on the next day. Look out for pretty flowers all around Paradeplatz this year!

On Saturday we prepared for a last day of work at the yurt place. As I've told you before we had to leave the place at the end of March. Last weekend we cleaned up the biggest part and brought most of the stuff to some friends who are generous enough to let us use their cellar or attic for a while.

Thank you, guys, we wouldn't have known what to do without you!!

But we also had to deal with the biggest fallback of the building so far. When we wanted to take the floor apart we realised, that it had become wet under its plastic sheet. Somehow, humidity had come in, and the planks had soaked up the water and expanded - the glue was off and most of the screws broken out.
It didn't take us long to see that what we had there was damage beyond repairing. We had lost our floor.

What a mess!

It's hard to think of all the money, time, tears and sweat spent on this piece of work. But the hardest part for me was always to think about all the countless people who invested their time and energy to help us. Who helped making it possible. Everything else I could see some positive side in, but having to admit that all their work had been in vain really made me feel very desperate.

RIP floor :o(

Well, there was nothing to be done. We burned what was completely rotten or full of screws and cut the rest into pieces so that Regula could use it to heat her house next winter. That's the sad work that we had to finish this Saturday.
At least we didn't have to transport and store it all. It was a nice day and work wasn't as time-pressured as last week.

On Sunday we slept really long and quietly for the first time in a long time and then went out for a big brunch to enjoy the sunny day.

our car with a crown


In the afternoon we had a last little intermezzo finding a place for the last big piece (the lightring) and cleaning out the last of the tools, then cleaning and washing my parent's car.
We've now decided to wait with further work on the yurt a bit. Trev is doing his best to finish his Phd this summer and I am working on other projects. We both hope very much that by the end of this year we will be living somewhere else.
So we both agreed that it doesn't make sense to burden ourselves with another thing to push forward even more. The yurt will have a little sleep until the stars shine friendly on it again.

So, after working one week and then being sick and then busy as a bee I really intended to get a good go again with my actual work this week. What a bummer when I woke up this morning because of period pain. Now, thanks to some painkillers (Tali, it's called Dismenol, and it works!), I am fine for the moment, but just feel really blah in my head, tired and hazy, so I don't know how well I will do with the mountains of necessities today. But the good thing about this condition is that I don't care so much, so at least for the moment I don't feel too bad if I don't move a finger.

Well, hope you are having a lovely day! ;o)


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