Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life is never as you expect it - mostly better

I was settling in for a quiet and productive week this week, after all the happenings of last weekend. But life never lets you allone just because you think you've had enough. Life is like a boxmatch but without the timeout.

In short, we have decided not to stay in our flat anymore, starting yesterday. I'm pasting the whole story over from a facebook not at the bottom for those of you who are interested.

I've been dying to move away from Zurich for quite a while, but it was postponed due to my and Trev's education, and now it seems like life has provided me with movement and vagabondism in its own way. I am still a bit sleepdeprived and rather hazy, but it doesn't feel bad to leave stationary life behind for a bit.

Let's see where it takes us...

BTW: I dreamed I had a baby kiwi last night. How sweet is that??

The whole story:

We've had problems with our neighbours for a long time. Some months ago they used to regularly shout at each other so loud you could hear every word in our flat. That ended when somebody called the cops and the guy seems to have moved out since.

Still, we can hear most of the stuff from downstairs. It is really not her fault, it's the house. But you would think since we all know this, one would try to maybe use headphones when listening to music or watching TV all night or try to keep it down when you have friends over, especially on weekdays. Well, she doesn't and she doesn't react on us telling her. The landlady is not interested in the case and the police says it's not loud enough for them to intervene.

But it's loud enough to deprive us from sleep, and believe me, after a few days of not knowing if you can actually sleep when you want to and a few times staying up all night (really, until half past 5 in the morning, because the noise doesn't stop, and then being treated by everybody as though you are hypersensitive and narrowminded and should just calm down, you are just so desperate and tired and angry that you can't take it anymore.

So we decided we will not spend another night in the flat in some time. We just need a break. Trev's Phd is due in September and we're intending to move house afterwards anyways, so that's the timespan we're trying to bridge.

We're couchsurfing here in Switzerland until next Wednesday and then we're flying to London for a few days until end of the month to get out a bit. In May, we can stay at Tali and Björn's place - thank you so much guys!

That still leaves us with June - September to set up, but it also gives us time and nerves to organise more.

Thank you so much to all the people who offered us a place and are keeping their doors open for us, we are so grateful! After a situation so full of aggression and negativeness, it is so healing to know that there are tons of people out there who look out for each other.

If you come across a possibility of a place to stay from june - sept. or in between, we are still overly grateful for all your tips.


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