Monday, April 25, 2011

A night out

Catching up on London happenings - this was the last big night out over on the isle.
One thing we've been really looking forward to in London was to eat a lot of Sushi which is quite expensive in Z├╝rich and more on the affordable side (at least for people with a Swiss paycheck) here. So we had a belated B-day dinner with friends on Friday.
Look at all that food! Mjam! It was the best sushi I have ever had. That doesn't mean a lot, because I only started eating sushi two years ago, but everybody else said so, too.
We also got a great dessert, but Bagpuss ate most of it... ^^

Somebody then requested we have birthday cocktails, and since the bar we went to had quite a cool menue we tried everything that sounded interesting. They were all very beautiful.

Some people were a bit greedy...

Some people liked theirs a lot...

And other people just had a lot of fun! :o)


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