Saturday, April 23, 2011

A new furry friend

When we arrived here in London and I first stepped into Trev's room, I noticed this furry pink thing hanging in a corner of the wardrobe.

It's a saggy old clothcat, and his name is Bagpuss. All British children know Bagpuss from a TV series about him and his friends.
The shows are incredibly cute and contain lots of great songs and stories. We've been watching them in the evenings and I think it's quite sad that there's only 13 of them!

Anyways, this particular Bagpuss looks very much like the original one, and I liked him from the start.

The best thing about him though is that he's not only got 'bag' in his name, he *is* also a bag:

I had assumed that Trev got this as one of these faux-pas-presents that you get when you're a kid, for example when some old and silly aunt can't really remember if you're a boy or a girl and just wants to buy you cute things.
But the truth, dear friends, is much more fun: Trev actually bought this Bagpuss-bag for himself when he was eighteen. His old schoolfriend Francis said he remembered quite clearly when they used to go out and Trev - wearing a long black leather coat, army boots and full goth makeup, slung Bagpuss on his back. Hehe, it must have been such a fun sight. I'm deducting stylepoints though because they never took a picture. :o(

But he said it is ok that I adopt Bagpuss, so I have been carrying him all around London, and he was quite happy to go out and show off his style again.

And because he is very very British we took him out for a picnic in the park today. Loveleeey!


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