Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In your face!

As promised on FB, I started on another part of bathroom-greening: Finding ecologically produced make up. I did some research online yesterday to be prepared for the shopping. It is not hard to find companies that produce natural make up and make an effort in producing ecologically and fair trade.

Body shop is a great option of course, but I find it a bit on the pricy side.
Elisa just told me that Lush does cosmetics, too. I haven't checked it out yet but since I like their shampoo I can imagine that other products might be nice, too. Pricy, of course.
In the end I got my stuff at Yves Rocher. They have a store philosophy that's similar to Body Shop, but their emphasize is more on natural ingredients and saving wildlife and less in social matters. I found they have a nice selection and their prices are more affordable than BS. I think it's a good thing to support companies who might not be wholly organic yet but are on a good way and making a visible effort.

However, all these companies use normal package made from mostly plastic. Googling around for Cosmetic lines I found a relatively young French company called Couleur Caramel that doesn't only produce naturally and sustainably, but also uses paper, wood and other biodegradable materials for their containers. It looks veeery promising and I am really excited about this discovery. Sadly they are not selling in Switzerland yet. I might be able to order stuff or find a shop close to the border in Germany or France. I definitely want to try them out.

eyeshadow case

You've just gotta love these packages! So clever and the most beautiful design I've ever seen! I wanna have my bathroom full of these!!

Do you have any other secret tips on cosmetics?  I'd be thrilled to hear about your choices!


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