Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm going through changes... new hairstyle!

Hey, how did you spend your Tuesday? I sat at the hairdresser's - for 3.5 hours!
From the amount of transformation I think it was worth it, though. ;o)



They started sectioning my hair off in the neck and slowly worked their way upwards, knotting strands of plastic hair with pieces of my real hair.

No glue involved, no worries. Once I have to take them out (which will be in about 3 months when they have grown out and look strange... ähem... stranger than now ^^), my hair will be the same as before.

You can see the roots where my hair is involved in the next picture:

Haha, I look like a smurf!
But once they were finished they tidied up the roots and then twisted the fluff into hairstrands/loose dreads with a hot blowdrier.

You can see the difference: The right side is smoothed already.
The result is much cyberpunkier than I had imagined. I didn't take into account that the dreads wouldn't cover the shaved sides as well as the normal hair, so it's a much harder look than I intended.


This is me trying to look cool, because I can't be a smiley anymore if I wanna pull of that punk look, can I? ;o)

Mmh, doesn't work so well.

It is quite long though, as you can see, so I have a lot of options of putting it up or together and it surely can cover my sides if I want it to.

I freely admit that I am not as enthousiastic about this hairstyle than others I have had. But that really doesn't matter to me as much as to other people, it seems. I have always found a way of being happy with my hair. The most important thing for me is change, I get much more frustrated with not being able to change the way my hair looks than with a bad cut.
The best thing about this change (which in addition was a great deal - cost me about half as much as it would have done in Switzerland) is, that it gave me some new ideas of hairstyles that I want to try. I have really been going through a phase of lack of inspiration since I stopped dying it. It just felt like there was nothing left to try. Now I feel like I've picked up steam again and it feels great!


Tali said...

I see a lil bird! hehhe i am happy that you liked!

The important part about our hair is if ourself are happy with it...

I want to change mine... but i am not as comfortable with a big change like that... and i am for 2 years fighting against the idea of dying it... and that make a change very hard to do...

hope i came up with something...

Simen said...

looks good - almost as cool as mine. ;)

yaga said...

haha, simen, it's even cooler! :oP
Tali, what do you wanna do then? maybe you could have it in little braids, that would look cool!

Anonymous said...


Michelle said...

It looks awesome when you're flipping your head forward - niiiiice! :)

yaga said...

thaaanks! it was a lot of fun! :o))

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