Wednesday, April 20, 2011

365 things - week 14-18

Hey everybody, I'm picking up on Project 365 again, are you happy? ;o)
I certainly am, because I am almost up to 20 weeks already, and I can see the halfway line from here!

Now that I look at my list again I think that I must have confused things a bit, because I don't seem to be as far behind as I should after five weeks of not posting. But 18 times 7 is 126, So I'll show you the things on the list from the last item up to number 126 and that should even it out again.

It's all books this time, because I cleared out my shelf (which is quite poorly stocked anyways. There are very little books in this world I feel I have to own.) Books so far proved as the most easy things to get rid of. People love books. I just took a bag along to some meetings, piled them up on the table and enjoyed seeing many happy faces as the treasures found new owners.

I am very excited to come back home, because firstly I'll start packing the things for moving and that of course will be a great opportunity to decide what things are important enough for me to take them - the rest will go away. The same goes for the attic of course, which is hopelessly crammed with boxes full of things that we have double now that two households are joined, and other stuff that we don't use anymore (like books and CD's) and that we're just keeping out of lazyness or sentimental reasons. I plan on doing a major streamlining up there!
Then we also have a sorting-out-weekend planned with my family, because my parents decided that we are now 'moved out enough' and do not need to clutter their attic space with our school things and stuffed toys anymore - which is absolutely right. I am very looking forward to having a fun time of digging out memories with my sisters. But I intend on getting rid of 99% of these things, because honestly, I can not remember anything of importance being up there and if I haven't missed that stuff for the four years that I've been living away from home now. Chances are quite big I never will or if I do can easily get over it without my life crashing around me. ;o)

Hopes up then for a great downsizing week next week!


Elisa Carow said...

neeeeeiiiiin! Ich renn mir die Hacken wund nach Francescas Buch und du verschenkst deins einfach!

na gut, soll halt nicht sein. Aber die 3 Bücher die du mir geschenkt hast gefallen mir ausgesprochen gut.

yaga said...

Oh echt? Mist, hättste mal was gesagt. :o(

Elisa Carow said...

hab ich doch! Mindestens zwei Mal!

yaga said...

Echt? Uh das tut mir voll leid! :o(

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