Thursday, April 21, 2011

Self portrait Thursday - W16/11

Jupp, there we are. Week 16, me in the park complete with sunglasses and strange hairstyle ;o)

With my camera and my new treasure book: "Guerilla Art Kit" by Keri Smith. Supporting local business - bought at Dulwitch Picture Gallery. ;o)
The gallery is right across the park which is right down the road from us. Every time I walk down the road flanked by cherry trees that are covering everything with their sweet pink blossoms right now and step into the park where all the neighbourhood seems to be soaking up the sun these days, I feel like I'm wandering around in the world of Mary Poppins.

It's so lovely how a park seems to be the extended living room of all the people living around it. Parks are definitely on the top of my list of lovely things in Britain. 


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