Monday, March 14, 2011

Project ReStyle: Stamp-O-mania!

Hey, remember that skirt with the stains? Well, it seems like I found a solution:

Well, obviously, these stars *look* quite magical, but they can't make the stains dissapear. But when I wear it, nobody's gonna notice! (Now you know what sort of person I am... :p)

I made the star-stamp myself with a bit of linol I had left from the No-Pants-Ride, and it worked so well I dabbled in it some more.

I carved a little heart out of an eraser. That's much easier to do than linol, because it is much softer, and in the end because it is a block it really makes a nice stamp that's easy to handle. I'm so gonna get some more erasers to try more difficult designs. Oh and the idea is from Holly at "Two Cheese Please", she's the absolute expert in carving and she's got a nice tute on making your own stamps!

Speaking of links, here's a flat you totally have to see: Cesa's Recycled Home over at ReNest, such an amazing sense of style, how she uses all that 'garbage' is just breathtaking!!

In other news, I'm still studying hard to catch up on the news. The more I read the more I realise that I have no foundation whatsoever to put all these snippets of information on, so it only makes me look into deep holes of knowledge that I'll have to fill... but I'm working on it.
Meanwhile all this theory will not keep my from sending my best thoughts and prayers out to all the people in the world who need them. Everybody's writing about that these days, so I feel I don't have to flatten it out, too, but of course it's on my mind and makes everything else I babble about feel a bit mundane. But it won't help anybody to sit on my butt and cry. I feel like making an effort to understand what's going on is soothing me quite a lot.

Something that's also making me sad or rather quite angry is that Blogger seems to be all over the place these days. The design-editor doesn't work, picture uploading is only possible in the really ugly old post-editor, but for linking I have to switch to the new one or edit the HTML directly (yay, I actually remember how to do that...) because it seems broken, and and and... I thought nowadays it should be possible to make a smooth and handy UI that actually works... I was planning on a big makeover for the blog to fit the new design, but this really puts me off and I'm thinking about switching the host again... *meep*

Computer-related, but nicer: I also took up studying BASH a few days ago, because it makes me crazy not to know what's going on in my computer. The laptop is my second-best friend on this world, so I want to be able to read his mind. ;)
Well, that's also hard, and today's lesson left me quite flattened, but Trev went through it again with me in the evening, and now I feel like I've got some really really basic understanding of stuff... that means it's getting interesting now!

What are you learning this week?


A Lost Feather said...

I'd like to try making a stamp out of an eraser! I wonder how difficult it would be to make a feather haha

Thanks for visiting my blog :) bike riding in Switzerland must be so beautiful.. definitely a country I'd love to visit!

yaga said...

Hey, thanks for visiting! Phew, a feather sounds challenging, but if you get/make a simple design, it should be quite doable... especially since the eraser is really like butter to cut so it's easier to work accurately than on linol!
bikeriding here is really nice, I like going around lakes. Most people head to the passes of course, but my curve-management is not so good yet and it's really tiring for me. I hope I'll get some more practis this summer and will be ready to take the test in fall. If you come after that, you can ride with me! ;o)

vivatveritas said...

what a great fix for the stains! :)

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