Sunday, March 13, 2011

A busy weekend - in a way

Hey all, I hope you had a great weekend! We sure did and we've been very busy.Not what you think though - we've hardly been out. The busyness was due to happy and sad reasons.

Happy first, we each have a new toy:

Trev borrowed a coloring tablet from a friend for me to try and I've been playing around with it all weekend because it has to go back on Monday. It's a very cool tool to color sketches in Photoshop or GIMP. I like 'reallive' colorwork alot, but the computer version is quite addictive. I might want one for my birthday...

The Master, on the other hand, sold his old and rather big synth and instantly bought a new one that is small and cool and can easily be placed on our kitchen table. It's the first time in ages that he's really sat down and enjoyed some music making, and I could really see how good it is for him. Work is very stressful atm, but music makes him calm and relaxed.

Well, the other kind of busyness started on Friday, when I heard about the horrible things happening in Japan. I mean, there have been a lot of major catastrophes and big political changes happening all around the world lately, and it made me sad, of course. But I'm not so much of a news-person. I don't have a telly, I don't listen to radio much (more for the music) and I don't read any newspapers apart from the occasional one picked up on a tram or train. So all of that has just been dribbling in via headlines and people telling me. And somehow on Friday evening whilst talking about pros and cons of nuclear powerplants with a friend, I suddenly realised how little I know. I mean, you can tell me literally anything about that sort of stuff, and I would have no clue as to believe you or not.

It just can't be that I don't even know where Libya lies, that I have no clue where exactly in Japan the quake happened and that I'm not even sure which country Mubarak used to rule.

Well, I'll put a stop on that, I promised myself. I don't want to be a clueless dummie anymore.
So I sat myself down and started reading the news of a few big papers to get at least a little up to date with things. And then I went on with looking at Wikipedias list of all countries of the world, copying their names and flags and capitals down in my journal. That's how I spent most of my Sunday. I'm gonna find out more, I just have to decide where to start. It will take a lot of time and effort to make up for all the ignorance I've accumulated here, but I'll get there...

It is shocking, of course, with all the bad news at the moment, but it also makes me feel a bit better to slowly build a coherent picture of the events in my head and starting to understand what's actually going on.

So you see, there's been a lot going on.

Have good start into the new week!


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