Monday, January 10, 2011

Stamp for you, Miss?

I think, by now everybody on facebook must have made a close guess as to what my top secret project was.

This is the official No Pants Tram Ride 2011 stamp. It was a lot of fun to whip this one up, and stamping asses was quite funny too. :o) I made a simple linol stamp, because I couldn't think of any better way, but I think for next time we'll maybe look for a professional stampmaker or printer, people seemed to like the idea and it's always great to have souvenirs.

pictures by Julius Volz

I think everybody had a lot of fun and we made many people laugh, so it was a great success!
20Minuten online made a great video: Klick

If you wanna be notified of the fun things we organise, join our Urban Playground Zurich facebook group. (Where you can see more pictures and videos)
Coming up is International Pillow Fight Day on April 2nd.


Elisa said...

für uns Nichtschweizer müsste es Untertitel geben!!!

Kann es sein daß du auf dem Video ganz zum Schluss beim Gruppenbild dabei bist?

yaga said...

*gg* ist bestimmt lustig anzuhören! ^^
Ja das kann sein dass man mich da sieht, ich war da auf jeden fall irgendwo, links aussen.

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