Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grateful for: Celebration

This friday, we had something big to celebrate.

My Dad turned 60 on Friday, and of course we wanted it to be an unforgettable birthday for him.

Everybody was responsible for something. My sisters took care of making the food.

Trev selected the wine. I organised the present. And my mom invited us to the zoo on Sunday. It was a great afternoon! The weather was splendid:

We had a lot of fun:

We saw many cool animals:

...and many fluffy things:

...and it was the first time in ages I was in the zoo for my own pleasure and not responsible to look after a hord of kids, so we could really take our time and enjoy all the great exhibitions and informations about the zoo's oecological engagement. Very inspiring!

I find it so important to celebrate important points in our lives... now that the church has more or less lost its importance of saying in these matters, rituals and celebrations often just go forgotten, but I am very convinced that we need them for a healthy mind and soul. It felt so great to enjoy this weekend as a family and devoting time to each other, actively planning to do these special things. I'm grateful for the human ability to celebrate.

What are you grateful for this week? Join the fun at Maxabella's:


Kathryn said...

The food looks delicious and that hippo looks pretty amazing. Looks like a fun celebration! :)

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