Friday, February 11, 2011

The February organic groceries pledge

Most super-duper-y, my true love is very interested and supportive about all the little green bubbles I've been producing ever since starting this blog, so since we've moved in together we've been having lots of projects going on that involve changing habits we have at home. That's something that would be very hard to realise if you're living with someone who does not want to participate. Also, working in a team gives you the opportunity to see things from more than one point of view, you can motivate each other and brainstorm together. If research is needed, the tasks can be split. It is quite a wonderful way to build a life together.

(c) Greg Hogan

Our current project involves all things food. We wanted to know if buying only organic and/or fairtrade and/or and/or without plastic and/or local if there is such an option really costs as much more as we like to think in everyday calculations. So we wrote down what we spent on 'normal' food in January and this month we're doing the same, but we're getting everything on said criterias. It means that we have to change our grocery-habits a bit and go out of our ways to get some stuff that is not available at the supermarket across the street. I am buying seasonal veggies and fruit from the organic stall at the market every week, because the organic stuff in supermarkets is always wrapped in plastic. Luckily, the organic store is located right at the market square, so I go there to get dairy, tofu and the occasional find like bio coconut milk, toothpaste or spices.
It works very well so far. It means I have to get up a bit earlier on Wednesdays, but since this is running errands and cleaning day anyways, grocery shopping integrates easily in the program and mindset.

 (c) Trista Nicole

I am really curious to see the results at the end, so far it looks like there really won't be too much difference, but that's only our second week, so I won't bet yet.


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