Wednesday, February 16, 2011

365 things - week 12

Ooodeoooh, it's week 12 in giveaway-land! And there are still a few stones left, although you'll have to be fast if one strikes your fancy, there is quite a queue for them. Which pleases me, since it means my little treasures will all find a beautiful home.

Again, I'm trying to describe the size by x (~=acorn) - xxxx (~=chestnut)




The last few stones here are already reserved for Corinne who asked for specific colors. ;o)
And Tali, as promised, you can have all of them that don't get claimed!

In other news, I've just created a button for the project that I can insert on every post and it links to a page where the project is explained shortly. Everybody has buttons to share what they do these days and they are always so pretty and cool, so now I have one of my own, yay!!  Feel free to post it on your webspace if you like the project so other people can come and see if they'd like something I have to offer.


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