Monday, January 3, 2011

Start as you mean to go on

I have this good friend, Brenda. We often sit together. I knit and she talks. She talks a lot but that's OK. I like to listen to her.
Once she said: "Start as you mean to go on." And this expression stuck in my mind ever since. It may sound a bit old, but to me it is one of these sentences that have strength, magic to them, and that I believe are true.

So this week I set out to start as I mean to go on. Being good. :o)
I went out and held my nose up to the sun, I ran errands, I arranged a dentist meeting, I knit, I sew, I cleaned, and I worked on some personal projects.
It's only a bit of everything, but it was all there, and it made me feel good and hopeful to keep up the babysteps in the days and weeks that will follow.

My list of resolutions is quite long this year:
- to try some old and new sports
- to continue eating healthy
- to go outside once a day
- to finish some personal projects
- and to spend a little time each day only with one thing that I love

I know they are pretty general, but believe me, I spent enough time working out a masterplan of action for each of them, and I am pretty positive I will move another important steps forward this year.
The last one has actually evolved from a spiritual lookback on last year and is not as easy for me as you might think. There are many things in this world that I like doing, no doubt. But if I like something, I also want to do it right, and I want other people to like it. Or I want to do it in a certain way, because I saw that somewhere, and I liked it. Or I don't really know how to do it and I am too lazy to try or think properly. There are millions of reasons why I get scared off doing something I love quite easily.
My strategy so far has been to distract myself into it. It sounds funny, but I'd put on some music, a movie, or read about it on the net and do a little pottering in front of the computer until I got into doing it and have some sort of product.
But this actually keeps me from really enjoying the process and get into it with all my mind, love and skill, and thus acts as a sort of wall between my energies and creativity and the project. I think if I could learn to decide with my whole mind that I want to do a certain thing now and then fearlessly jump into action, I could be so much more successful with the things I try.

Today, I tried it with some sketching, and it worked pretty well. I came up with something that I really love after many many tries that just felt sort of 'meh' to me.
What do you think?:


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