Sunday, April 4, 2010

Monstrous shopping tour

We are not organised, so of course we needed to go shopping for sunday and monday on saturday. Planning ahead meals for two days actually proved as quite a task... but in the end we had a shopping list. We hit the market first, which was filled with people and stalls. During the winter months when I had started shopping at the market I hardly ever saw more than five stalls, and a hand full of people shopping... Still, it was outdoors and a nice experience.

Not so in the supermarket: People bumping into each other, big shopping carts, pushchairs, a very enclosed and stuffy feeling. Everybody just wants to get out as quick as possible... very understandable, but it makes people nervous and rushy, and you can't possibly have a clear thought if it comes to making choices... you just grab whatever you see first and seems suitable.

But we also discover questions that are tricky even if you had a day's time to think about them. For example we wanted to buy salmon. Trev got the package with wild-caught salmon from Norway. I wanted the other one, being caught in Alaska, but with MSC label. So which one is better now? Or do you have to choose which is more important: Low-carbon food or wildlife-friendly food? Is there a way to get information considering these problems without having to do a Master's in the matter?


Elisa said...

yes there is a way to get infos without having a master. That is what the net is for.

In this case, the MSC label is something you can be sure about. You can count on it. But wild caught salmon is a much more delicious and higher- quality fish, so in this case, the standards of your sense of taste are the higher counting arguments. In such a case and if the cost would be the same, I would always prefer the wild-caught salmon. Read this, I think it is interessting in this case and the video too:

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