Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Ostara, finally ;o)

Ostara, or spring equinox, would traditionally be celebrated on the 20st/21st of March, when day and night are equal, marking the beginning of longer days and shorter nights.
Trev was away on that weekend, and I was lying in bed with a horrible throat infection. So no real celebration. We started planting flowers over the last week, the spring cleaning is done, so now we are jumping into the celebrating headfirst.

You can see my traditional red eggs. It's said that red symbolises the blood of (re-)birth and therefore new life. I just think red is a nice color, and it was easier to concentrate on one color. I boiled onion skins and some vinegar for about 30 minutes, then let them cool, took the colored water and boiled the eggs in it for about 15 minutes. They were a nice rusty orange by then, so I let them soak on the balcony over night and got that nice deep red. The only downside: I seem to have put too little vinegar in the dye so if you rub them with a towel, the color comes off. But they will be eaten soon anyways. You see the remnants of 10 eggs here... ;o)
For the yellow pattern Trev mixed Kurkuma with some vinegar and painted it on. It's crumbling off though...
And in the back you can see the easterbunny that hid in our shoecloset this morning.

What you can't see is the quarkcake I baked because that one dissapeared mysteriously... ;o)


Elisa said...

I dyed with red beets and put 6 soup spoons of vinegar in and the colour was an deep orange as well after boiling but I hadn't the idea to soak it overnight. The "dye" of red beets came off where I rubbed it with a towel to remove the goo. Same effect I think. I wasn't too satisfied with the colour, though, so 4 of the 6 eggs went straight into half a litre hot water, 6 soup spoons of vinegar and 2 dye tablets blue and 2 tablets green from the ones I got from Kaba. The colour was deep and rich and I think this was because of the beets base colour. We still have 1 egg left. But your idea was as nice. Only that every time I collect a nice ammount of onion peels, Ron throws them away :-(

yaga said...

apparently, the natural colors really need a long time to develop brightness. I really hope I can make it stick with more vinegar next time.
well, i guess you have to tell ron you're collecting them for a purpose... ;o)

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