Saturday, February 13, 2010

Site review: Instructable

Happy weekend everyone! I feel quite socially capable today, so you won't get idle ramblings about philosophies this time. I've got some sites in my favourites that I'd like to share. The one I decided on today is Instructables. Before I favourited this one I kept coming back to it when I did google searches on how to do anything, from mending a bicycle to cleaning my work clothes from crayon stains.

The site is not only for crafts like knitting and paper stuff. Its subtitle is 'Instructables, Make, How To and DIY.
If you start at the main page there will always be a bunch of interesting new projects displayed. Even if you are not looking for anythng specific, its fun and inspiring just to browse through them. Need a five minute choccolate cake? Or how about a last minute valentine gift? There's hundreds of options, from a very ironic card to a selfmade set of (easy) handmade rings.
Maybe you would like to know what a bus bike is and how to make one. Or you are a clueless guy and need a guide to buy flowers? Some of the instructables are of a more mental nature, others are very practical. From your pets over the garage and kitchen down to decorating, crafts and make up tipps, you will find something to every topic you can think of.

I like this site a lot since making your own and using materials that you already have is first of all satisfying, second a lot of fun and last but not least (most of the time) the greenest way to do things, and just looking at the site always inspires me.


Elisa said...

The 5 minutes cake has been tested here and is not that good, to be honest. Just not cake-y enough. Even with a strong microwave.

As you can see, commenting works here too, so thanks for the note on my fb page.:-)

I agree that using materials you already have is very satisfiying.

Simone said...

I missed your blogs, thanks for doing it againm, you canceled some boring minutes from my life. ;)

yaga said...

I'm glad it works! Well, as there really are a *lot* of instructables, I guess its a good bet to expect quite a few of them to be not so good. But good to know I don't need to try it myself.

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