Friday, February 12, 2010

Behind it all

I am not a person that strives for sense behind action too much. I am quite ok with „it makes me happy“ as a reason for something. (Especially when it comes to hopping on sidewalks, choosing clothes and eating chocolate.)
But when it comes to making stuff, the whole case is entirely different. Lots of artistic advice that you encounter in books, interviews, or on the web consists of phrases like „Just sit down and play a bit with the material.“ Sounds familiar? It does to me. And I still do not agree with nor see the sense of that advice. It may be that other people like just sitting down and playing with material, and then magically, something creative and crafty and wonderful appears.
For me, it hurts to even think of it. It is hard enough for me to focus myself enough on something to actually sit down on it for more than five minutes. The problem with the bubbles is that I cannot stop them. They keep appearing, and I am very, very bad at deciding on a single project and giving all my attention to that one thing. The shiny bubbling in my head is just too distracting.
So when I sit down to make something, there has to be a reason, and that reason has to be strong. Even though I’d love to say it, but „these straps of paper are so beautiful I just want to play with them“ for me is not a strong reason.
The blog pause obviously has not been so long. In fact, I’ve missed blogging ever since I stopped, which was actually somewhere in summer, as you might have noticed. The reason why I stopped has to do with exactly the scenario that I described above. I did not see a reason for it anymore.
I initially started the blog when I moved out from home, as a mean for my family to track my everyday live. The blog then with time turned into a crafting life journal. As the main language in my life drifted to English I also started to try and keep the posts bilingual, which is a lot of work. Then I started travelling and I was able to reach most important people in my life much more easily through facebook, for pictures and status updates.
That was where I lost the mojo for blogging. The main goal, sharing my life with people I know, had shifted to another tool, and the blog had become „useless“.
I missed it, though. I have always liked writing, and all the time, documenting my everyday life had had something reassuring for me.
So I sat down and had a serious talk with myself about what I expect from blogging. Even in that very process I realized that as a main use for me personally, it helps me give structure to things. And since I am at a stage in my life where I am very, very free to do whatever I please, structure is what I need to sort things out, see what is important, and then actually take steps, even if they go in many directions at first.
So with this post, I declare the sense of this blog is to structure and lay out my thoughts, write down my plans and document my progress.
Of course there will be lots of fun things too, pictures and links and tutorials and all that jazz. Because I want you guys to like it here, for if nobody reads it, it does not make sense, either.
Even more so I’d like to ask you to comment and tell me your opinion, share your ideas or just tell me that you’re here, it really means a lot to me!


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