Sunday, February 7, 2010

A new home

Phew, hello there!
Come on in, I just finished putting everything in place and cleaning out the corners.

I've taken a little break back at my old blog, and it turned out I needed something new. Its a bit of a new start for me in every sense. I came back of some months of looking around the world in December 09 and I am not quite sure which direction my life should take from here on.
It has already helped a lot to think about why I want a blog again, and to write the text for the about site and so on.

So this is the shiny bubble. I thought of that name because I feel like my life is a little bubble that defines my space and the (physical and mental) area where I operate. And because I always have lots of ideas and dreams in my head, like shiny bubbles. Some of them do not have a long life. Some are small, some are bigger. Some of them fly high and out of reach, while some of them seem to float in mid-air. All of them are very shiny and colorful.
The main purpose of this blog shall be to write about all these bubbles, explore them, bring some structure in the floating, shining mass and make it easier for me to -step by little step- make my own path through the landscape of life.

I guess, this is enough for the beginning, and you should all just sit down and grab a nice cup of tea.
I hope you like it here just as much as me. If you wanna know more about the background of the blog, you can read the About -or All the bubbles pages, or flick through my old blog.


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