So who's that bubble chick anyways?

If you are the quick type, have a look at this for a first impression:

If you have more time, sit yourself down and let me tell you the tale of that girl I happen to know a bit.

She was born on a sunny day in May 1985 and grew up in a little village just outside of Zürich, Switzerland. Her mum always said that she knew from the start that a girl born in May would always enjoy going around barefeet and would need the sun to survive. She was right, of course.

After her followed two little sisters; Picoletta and Picollina.

After her Matura the girl studied philosophy and informatics for a year but then realised that wasn't quite a first class choice for a profession. So she went and after three years of hard work brought home her Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Primary Education, formerly known as your ole kindergarten auntie.

She then jumped onto a lucky opportunity and started work in a school for deaf, hearing and communication disabled kids.

When she left that job a year later for a half-year break of travelling, she had no idea that her life was only about to start.

Like every dutiful backppacker, she made her way through Asia and then went off exploring the coasts of France. Although she teamed up with lovely travelmates, she felt that she had started roaming life and the vast lands of her soul like a wolf with a rainbowcolored mane searching for its pack.

She learned a lot during that time, most importantly how she did not like to travel and that it had been a big mistake to leave love out of her plans.

Earlier that year she had met a boy who is known to his friends as Trev, but is also known to wander the world as the shadowy figure of The Cat Who Walks By Himself. The cat and the wolf, both used to being lonely, had teamed up for a pleasurable stroll together, but soon found out that they preferred combining the pawprints of their trails to the lonely wandering.

When the girl settled down in Zürich again in early 2010, she knew that she wanted her life to change, but she did not yet know how. She had spent much time whining and doubting herself, crying and planning, dreaming and despairing. But when the reasonable amount of drama was done, she went back to part-time working and started outlining priorities, dreams and life plans. 

Writing this, on the verge of spring 2011, she has embarked on a period of full-time chasing bubbles to make them come true and loves the process, although she is still fearful of how well she will do. Only time, dear listener, only time will tell where the wolf will wander. But one thing's for sure, you'll be right on top of all the news, reading this blog.


The hair-thing

This is a little fun something I wanted to do for a long time: I've tracked the main stations of my hair experiments over the years. I thought you might be interested to, so here it is. I've cut out on all the minor variations of the classic cuts and the in-between-stages of growing out an old cut.

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