Monday, February 15, 2010

Cure for everything

My very first boyfriend used to get me Tigerbalm for putting on tight muscles in my back and neck. His dad, who is a pilot, brought it back from Asia, and I remember being very impressed to have something for me come from so far. To me it seemed like a miracle; you applied the stuff wherever it hurt, kept the area warm for a night, and in the morning, you felt better with a 100% chance.
I have treasured the last little jar that he got me for many years, but since tight muscles occur every now and then, one sad day the jar was empty. Of course I could have got a new one, but somehow I felt strange getting the stuff myself, and with time I forgot about it.

Until I went to Asia this summer. I made sure to bring back a jar of balm for everyone I knew. My friend Jana who travelled with me, and I used up a whole of the smaller jars in these nearly five weeks. It was almost the only medical thing that we carried with us, and we used it constantly, for everything. Blocked noses and sore throats from AC's, tight and sore muscles from sleeping on the floor or hiking, tired feet from sightseeing, and of course, itchy mosquito bites. Tiger balm helped with everything. Jana even put it into her ear once when she had really bad ear pain. She needed something to soothe it until we had found a pharmacy, and thought of the balm out of sheer desperation; but it seemed to help.

If you don't mind the sharpness of it you can also dissolve a tiny bit of balm into hot water for cleaning out your nose when having a cold. The sting of the balm's essential
Do you know any more possibilities of using it?

You can buy Tigerbalm in every pharmacy.


Simone said...

the only medical thing I use, it's the magic thing all alchemists in the midage were looking for. ;)

yaga said...

haha, that's why you're still my baby! :o)

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