Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On the needles

There are three projects on the needles at the moment.

First this pink sock. The pattern is Farnkraut socks by Silke Pieper (Ravelry Link). A pretty straightforward and easy to memorize lace pattern, knittet toe up with a jojo heel.

Then another pair of socks in the same yarn, only with a slightly different color. They're knee socks with a gorgeous pattern; Clessidra from Gabriella Chiarenza (Rav Link). The pattern is pretty tangy. One round consists of five cables (three different patterns) and in-between parts of moss-stitch and stockinette. Now that I am a few rounds into it I can see where I need to knit which pattern, but for those of course (especially the hourglass pattern) I need the chart. I can't do anything else whilst knitting on these, so I only do one or two rounds every now and then.

Both yarns are sock yarn from Aldi that I got for really cheap (of course), and now don't reallyknow anymore why I wanted them so badly. I don't like the colors particularly, and the yarn is 50% cotton, so it's not really ideal sock yarn. It has too little stretch and it feels stiff. In addition, these multicolored yarns are not good for knitting elaborate patterns, especially if the colors are as uneven as in these yarns. The pattern can't really stick out. But I gotta knit up the yarn, and just plain socks are much too boring.

The third thing I'm working on is a hat for my beloved. I'm using yarn I found in a Brockenhaus, the color is dark grey with wine colored streaks. I am knitting with two strands at a time, to make it really thick and warm fabric. I've finished it last weekend, in time for nordic skiing, but it came out too big, so I started reknitting it today. Its a quick thing, so I'm ok with it. The pattern is Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur (Rav Link). I love the look of the hat and surely one make some more of those.

That's it from the knitting front today. I'm in an awful mood. I don't wanna do anything, just hang around and feel grumpy. It makes me furious that the sun is shining. That always makes me feel like I have to go out and enjoy it, but I really don't want to, today. Isn't that unfair? Stupid sun!


Elisa said...

Na du bist ja diszipliniert. Ich hab viiiiiel mehr WIPs und das mit der zu großen Mütze ist mir auch schon passiert. Nur, daß ich sie noch nicht wieder angefangen hab. Aber die zu große hab ich ja gebloggt. Mit Foto.

Mal sehen, vielleicht zeig ich meine WIPs auch mal.

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