Monday, February 13, 2012

Sshh - I'm writing a masterplan!

In the past week, inbetween trying to find a flatmate for next month, babysitting and having my sweet sister as a guest, I didn't really get much time to think and organise.
I am a person who loves to have an overview. Making a plan motivates me more than anything else. Having things all lied out in front of me, neatly ordered by topic or importance, marked with different colors... add some cute stickers and I'm totally in!
I also really really need time to do this. To sit down and think, write down endless lists, then make lists off these lists and order those lists in neat folders. Some things need a big page to be written down on. Others are snippets of thoughts, philosophic insights or just personal ramblings that go into my diary. Things that will be used often or very simple to do lists go in my carry-on notebook. To do lists for computer-related things I write on desktop stickie notes. Webpages I want to look at more closely one day get filed in my favourites.

So a 'planning and thinking' session is jumping back and forth between different mediums, sometimes closing my eyes and just thinking or meditating, sometimes writing or typing furiously. It's something I do with fervor and is totally sacred for me.

That's what I've been doing yesterday. Amongst other things, I wrote down a spiritual manifesto, invented a couple new rituals, created an outline for my spiritual life and wrote a blogpost about my diet.
Quite a productive day, I would say.

The thing about planning your life? You have to accept you will never be finished. As long as you live you will be adapting, changing, rearranging, writing down new dreams and plans... it's a wonderful firework.
I've created an impormptu altary of gratefulness to remember myself that it is not about putting the last tick on the list, but about enjoying the process of achieving all the wonderful things you wrote on that list.

What plans are you excited about or what dreams for your life do you have these days?


Nika Corwin said...

I seem to make a lot of "plans" in my head that never come to fruition! You have inspired me to actually try to follow through this time...;o)

yaga said...

well, writing them down is not a guarantee, but i think it helps you to see if it is a good plan, or if it needs some tweaks and to think more methodically about it - at least for me it does. curious to see what plans you have! ;o)

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