Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ice affairs

Even though it is not as bad as the stories we hear from Zurich, the cold weather has reached us here in the south, too.

This poor plant in a pot on our terasse got iced in when some id* weird person left on a sprinkler during the night. This is what we found the next morning.

I honestly don't know what I'm going to do when I get to Switzerland tomorrow... I'm already wearing all my clothes here, and it's supposed to be even colder up there. I think I will have to stay inside and huddled under a blanket all day.

Wait, that's pretty much what I do here, too! It'll probably have to be two blankets. oO
There is a fountain down in town that got frozen over, too. I saw a little girl that wanted to try and walk on the ice, but it was realy only thin... luckily she got saved by her dad! :o)

I'm having my ritual on the 25th and I'm already shivering when I think about it - not because I'm nervous but because I imagine how cold it will be... I had planned on wearing something pretty, but I guess I'll just make it into something as warm as possible.
Oooh! I'm off to make a cup of tea! 


isi said...

Aso dfrä büsi froit sich uf dich, sie wett au under 2 deckene schlüpfe und dä ganz tag kraulet wärde!

yaga said...

Sounds great! ^^

Nika Corwin said...

GORGEOUS photos! Try to stay warm!

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