Saturday, January 28, 2012

Come on in!!

Oh my, oh my! It's been two and a half weeks since we're here and I haven't been able to show you our place. Can you imagine how that bugged me!!?? I'm dying for you to come and take a house tour, so come on in!

Our entrance aerea is small but functional, the only thing that's missing is a coat rack. But then judging by the weather we've been having, I don't think we'll need coats for much longer! :o)
Let's turn right to the livingroom.

As you can see there is plenty of space, for mine and Trev's obsessions. The easle is doubling as a sheet music holder for the moments in life when I need to caress my cello. And the cupboard behind it is dedicated to my painting supplies. It feels so great to have a place where you can just sit down and start the work.
Through the livingroom we can have a peek into the kitchen:

Yum, cooking in progress! :o) What I absolutely love about this place is that almost everything is getting recycled. We have to take our glass up the road to a container, but we have special bags for the compost that we can deposit in the garbage containers and there is a collector for cardboard, paper and pet right next to our entrance.
Do you wanna go out on the balcony? The sun is shining, you won't need a jacket. ;o)

We're the lowest flat in the block, but it's still a bit elevated and our balcony looks out on a big terasse space in between the block complex that forms a horseshoe shape around it. You can see the trees of a tiny park in the background. If I would live here for longer, I would totally start a rooftop garden up here! ;o)
But for the moment, I am looking forward to have some kitchen herbs up here, and we're enjoying the occasional late breakfast soaking up the sun:

(The plants are fake, although quite good looking ones, I must admit. ^^)
Both the kitchen and livingroom have window fronts towards the balcony, but because of the angle of the flat, we actually only get direct sun into one corner of the balcony for a few hours in the early afternoon. I'm not unhappy about that... I know what temperatures are waiting for me in summer!
Let's go back to the entrance, then you can have a quick look into the bathroom:

It's  both bigger and much warmer than the one in Glarus! ;o) Doesn't have a bathtub though. Definitely a minus in my book.
On the lefthand side of the entrance is the sleepingroom. Don't be shy, I cleaned it up for you. ;o)

Cute, isn't it? I still can't really imagine the amounts of clothes somebody must own to fill the wardrobe space available in this room. After we made all the weird decorations of the late proprietor dissapear in the depths, there was still way enough space for all our clothes and lots of other stuff.
It's mostly functional, although I found space again for a little altary and we put up our own decorations and it feels very peaceful.
There is a little balcony on this side, too. It doesn't get any sun and looks out on the walkway and the school on the outside of the residence, so it isn't a place to linger, but we hang our washing here.

I hope you like our little space, isn't it quirky and cute, and very personal already? It's great fun to live in different kinds of places... I love making a place my home.
Don't you wanna stay for dinner?


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