Friday, January 27, 2012

Clean eating challenge

I'm linking up with Sometimes Sweet for her clean-eating challenge that starts Monday 30. This challenge is wonderful if you need a little motivation and a kick-start for healthy eating habits. It's very open as to what you define as your clean eating.
It could be that you cut out sugar completely (even fruits, bread, pasta and such) like Danielle there is currently doing (be sure to do good research though, she's backed up by a doctor!), or you could just decide to ditch fast food for a week.
There'll be a linky and I think it will be a great circle of girls to help each other out, share inspiration, tipps and recipes. I'll certainly do that, I've been planning some more detailed posts about my eating habits for a while now and this gives me a good opportunity.
So stay tuned and fill your fridge with healthy healthy stuff!! :o)

See ya, pumpkin! ^^


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