Monday, October 3, 2011

The wondrous transformation of Mr.H

I've only known Trev for the last 2.5 years of his PhD and what can I say... I'm almost glad about that! ^^
It's been a stressful time, no doubt - not only because he is a person who is very perfectionistic in meeting the challenges he sets for himself, but also because he's had some extremely difficult situations with the publishing of some of his work.
Well, I always comfort him by saying that most geniuses are only acknowledged after they're dead... and now he has at least the satisfaction to call himself "Dr."

Graduation hat
After graduation, you get a hat... only in this group, they have a funny tradition for them: All the colleagues will make the hat together and adorn it with things that they know about the Dr. in spe. After their defense, this person than has to try and find out what all the funny little things on the hat mean. You can see that they made Trev's hat in rainbow colors because he likes to wear mostly black. The Welsh dragon and a bottle of whiskey are also visible. The moustache is meant to make him look like Nietzsche, one of his favourite authors.
(I made the sheriff star for him. It says "Call me Dr.!")

Happy face

Traditionally, an apéro is held by the defending student after the defense. Trev bought some rrreeeaaally expensive whiskey and made zaziki, houmus and baba ghanoush as dips.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it, but the biggest attraction of the evening was when Trev cut off his long braid... partly because he's grown tired of the long hair and partly as a symbol for the beginning of a new part in his life.

Over all that excitement we almost ran late for dinner... ;o)


Elisa said...

he looks like Johnny Depp now, even more handsome. Good job, both of you!
The hat was too funny.

One joke I remember was "if you haven't got your Dr. till you' re 30 then you have to get an degree yourself"

Curious about your further adventures and by the way, your new haircolour looks fab!

yaga said...

Hohoo, I'm not such a fan of JD, but I liked how he looked with the shorter hair, and I wasn't prepared at all for how cute he is with short hair. ^^
Thanks for the compliment, it feels great to have colored hair again!

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